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Hosting Services

At Datacom, we offer everything from basic web hosting to more advanced internet services such as providing dedicated servers and colocation services.

Our state-of-the-art data-center has redundant and fault-tolerant communications lines and hardware. We have multiple levels of electric power backup, including banks of batteries and diesel electric generators. We can extend our protection further to include real time data backup services.

Some of our services

  • Application Hosting
  • Website Hosting
  • Database Services
  • Web Services
  • Proxy Services
  • n-tier Architecture

Some of our infrastructure

  • We have banks of battery back up systems that regulate all the electricity in the data-center.
  • When the power goes out, in seconds, the in-line diesel electric generators take over providing electrical services. The batteries ensure zero interuption.
  • Multiple internet connection providers ensure our systems stay alive and connected.
  • We have dedicated fiber-optic lines to our facility scalable to over 100Mbit, on demand.
  • We use high end fault-tolerant "enterprise level" communications and networking hardware.
  • We use the really big firewalls and intrusion detection systems.
  • We have experienced networking staff working to optimize data-center performance and reliability.

Why use Datacom?

There are many companies that provide hosting services. Where Datacom stands out is our ability to provide a complete IT infrastructure for an application or service, with concierge levels of support.

  • Datacom can DESIGN your application.
  • Datacom can DEVELOP your application.
  • Datacom can HOST your application, providing an enterprise environment for your software to live in.

You have access just as if the application was hosted in your office, but you have the DISTINCT advantage of having our experienced software and hardware engineers close by for immediate response.

Why burden your IT staff with maintenance of yet another system when you can have peace of mind knowing that dedicated specialists are keeping your investment running strong.

There is no doubt that IT infrastructure and staff are expensive. Sometimes, it just makes more sense to save money using an end-to-end provider. For smaller companies, enterprise level data-centers are just out of reach. For larger companies, adding new services and applications create a much greater stress load on your existing infrastructure and requires the expense of additional expert personnel.

Let an experienced Datacom sales representive show you how to save money and add value to your business by utilizing our top of the line co-location and hosting services.